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OCD Logistics was created to fully provide logistic solutions and distribution services to national and international companies needing warehousing, transportation, and other related services. Our robust solutions offer unparalleled services for growing online and in-store retail businesses.

We specialize in order fulfillment. Our omnichannel operations allow live monitoring of inventory with direct-to-consumer communications and logistics. We provide an infrastructure that will empower pick, pack and ship orders, allowing transparent management through an online portal. As a reliable logistics partner, we make our client's life easier by streamlining distribution channels that seamlessly integrate the customer’s online experience with product fulfillment. Leveraging opportunities, our sophisticated solutions work for our partners in extending their expertise and brand’s reach.

Customers leverage our industry experience, building scalable and cost-effective infrastructures that support their E-Commerce growth. We offer an extensive suite of services that alleviate risks and empower service-oriented industries with the tools to enhance their success.

“It’s more than a service, it’s how we deliver the experience.”



How can you thrive when nonstop disruption keeps redefining possibilities? It’s time to re-imagine more than business processes. It’s time to re-imagine everything – relationships, data, markets and the workforce.

Adaptability - Adaptability and flexibility are crucial when it comes to the amount of changes supply chain professionals will face. Our team possess the ability to adapt as processes continually evolve.

Problem Solving - We use the multiple aspects of problem-solving: analysis, business development knowledge, operational information, and psychology. We help obtain positive outcomes.

Honesty - Honest communication with our clients; while embarrassing in the moment, creates lasting trust. Trust built strengthens any relationship.

Project Management - We are organized and detail orientated. We effectively navigate all elements in a project.

Composure - We handle stress and high intensity environments, as businesses are full of unexpected changes.

 We offer short and long term storage solutions. We can off load palletized and floor loaded units, count, inspect and more. ✓ Working with us allows you to focus on other aspects of your business and continue to grow.
✓ Our value added services of reverse logistics includes handling of recalls for seasonal and defective products. ✓ From storing, picking, packing to shipping your product to your customers, we handle it all so you don’t have to.
✓ We lower shipping costs, reduce operating costs, extend your reach, and improve your customer service. ✓ We use our technology to streamline order fulfillment so our clients can focus on selling rather than the operations.

Build, Maintain & Grow with us!


10 products

10 products