Hive Pod Market

Essential. Fun. Relevant.

Become part of our communal project. It’s a movement created by the community for the community. The concept was designed to redefine togetherness and unity in an environment where local businesses can thrive with the support of our tools and resources as well as the support of each other.

The Hive Pod Market is located inside a secure facility and each business is provided a pod to showcase their products and/or services. Think of this concept as a combination of a Trade Show, Flea Market and Mall. We took the best features from these consumer venues to create a market that not only offers products and services, but also offers a unique experience for the customers and the vendors.

The Hive Pod Market is the place to get your Life Essentials in industries of; Health & Wellness, Beauty, Food & Beverage, Home Essentials, and more.  We strive in keeping our visitors and customers engaged with our vendors, so entertainment is a must. Do you have an idea for entertainment? Live performances, motivational speakers, music…Sharing ideas will only grow us faster and stronger.

Let’s all spend our time wisely, together.



1 product

1 product