“BEE-Linked with the World.”



    BEE-LINKED will network business and people throughout the world by providing its users a elegant platform that centralizes all touchpoints of the business through all mobile applications.  


    The BEE-LINKED mission is to innovate and engineer a better professional connection platform that centralizes information by merging all platforms into one that showcases all relevant information, adding value to your brand supporting the connection to your audience simply an effectively.  

    To help people, business, brands, artists, publishers, agencies, and influencers better control their presence online by streamlining their content-sharing process through our BEE-LINKED application. 



    To use our powerful integrations and support tool to help scale and connecting contact details, forms, documents, social touchpoints, websites, images, videos, and more by connecting everything to your BEE-LINKED centralized touchpoint system. 

    • Provide the uses the most state of art application that brides that gaps between all the complexities of technologies, communications, marketing and operations
    • We are an agency that helps build better business driving the bottom line
    • Merge separate complex systems adding significant improvements to the interface features to best present your products, services and connection points
    • Build a solid support team that will help business create a higher level of professionalism through our creativity



    To help customers monetize on their passions and help connect their audience with just a click.


    • BEE the best networking application in the market
    • Diverse network of professionals and business using our application to better support their business
    • to market and implement our offering
    • Grow our business evaluation by having more people use our application globally
    • Prove our model and gain financial support through investment to growth and development creating a scalable and sustainable solution


    BEE-Linked Application

    We have created BEE-LINKED to showcase personal / business’ offerings to audiences with a tool that is a visual masterpiece simplifying the connection process. BEE-LINKED allows you to catch your audience’s attention and keep them engaged through seamless navigation and connectivity.


    BEE-Linked is a link in bio tool that helps influencers and marketers create a micro landing page where they can display multiple links. We understand that most users will be accessing the platform from their mobility. That’s why we built it with mobile-first in mind!

    • Onboard our internal team to fully beta test our application
      • Fix and polish application
      • Collect all the data

    Features & Benefits of the App

    • Share your history
    • Introduce your team
    • Connect all your touchpoints
    • Enhance communication
    • Sell digital products to your followers and fans
    • Set up memberships on your link in bio
    • Accept donations and requests from your followers
    • Collect emails (leads) directly from your link in bio
    • Integrate other email marketing automation
    • Create links that stand out by setting up content previews, embeds, and other types of rich media
    • Use a custom domain, like beelinked.com/YourNAme for your link page, which gives you full control of your branding

    Unlike other applications and most alternatives, BEE-Linked doesn’t utilize a drag-&-drop editor. It focuses on the feature-first-then-design approach! You first choose the kind of links you want to create, then you customize the design.  Adding and designing your links is far much easier and simpler with BEE-Linked compared to the experience when using a drag-&-drop editor where your trying to do your best based on your own limitation. 


    Let us show you why you need to BEE-Linked.

    Bee Connected with only a TAP

    When you’ve become BEE-Linked with the world, we have a card that will have you BEE-Linked with the people around you. Share your business and personal contact information in an elegant and uniquely professional approach with our BEE-Linked BIZ Card.


    The Bee-Linked BIZ Card has an NFC chip inside that wirelessly sends your information. If you tap the card on compatible phones, a link will open with your contact information etc. Ready to be saved to the phone. For older phones that don't have NFC, there is a QR code on the back of the card.

    The possibilities are virtually endless as this technology has many case studies for its use. However, we find that the most common are contact details, social media handles, websites & product information. Although anything with a digital presence can be transferred we make everything centralized with a single link. 

    Once purchased you will receive an email with an invitation to create a profile. Here is where you can add all your contact details & social media handles etc with one of our professionals.


    How to get BEE-LINKED

    To make a Bee-Linked profile or Biz Card  downloadable contact card like this: https://www.example pages 

    1. First Navigate to https://www.BEE-LINKED.com/
    1. Get started by filling out our form
    1. Your account will be created and there fill out all necessary information you want on your BEE-LINKED page & contact card.


    Here is a video link if you are more of a visual learner. Video link here.

    Features & Benefits of the BIZ Card

    • Update in real time - save time and money by not having to buy more business cards every time your details change. Simply change your details within 5 seconds.
    • Share More - Bee-Linked BIZ card utilizes NFC that enables you to share far more than just your contact information. With over 30 different actions, including social media handles, websites, paying details & addresses.
    • One Card - Have confidence in knowing that any business or social setting - your business card is just as fast-paced as you are, change between profiles in real-time.
    • Update your details whenever you need to
    • Compatible with all phones – No app required.


    Our customizable Bee-Linked BIZ card is the most exclusive business card, made with matte black stainless steel and a thin layer of discreet PVC backing. Fibre laser engraved in silver or gold for a professional finish. 

    • 85mm x 53mm with rounded corners.
    • Laser engraved in either silver or gold.
    • Add your brand or logo to create a fully customized look.

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    1 product